Dr. Myron Wentz Legacy Initiative

In August of 2020, Dr. Wentz established a Legacy Initiative with the Children’s Hunger Fund. The Legacy Initiative includes a gift of $50 million over a period of 9 years to support CHF’s 2030 Growth Initiative. The Legacy Gift will enable significant expansion of CHF’s programs currently serving orphans and impoverished children and their families in 25 countries.

The main objectives of the Legacy Initiative are:


  • Establish 25 new Mercy Networks into more countries – expanding their reach and effectiveness in helping underprivileged children. These would include self-sustaining programs, educational and medical support, orphan care, emergency feeding programs, and other wellness programs.

  • Create a minimum of 35 new Mercy Centers, in addition to the 7 Wentz Mercy Centers in Romania, Albania, Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Haiti, and Peru.

  • Establish an additional 5 Medical Centers - adding to the existing 7 centers in Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi, Nepal, and the Dominican Republic.


  • Fund the building of a 100,000 ft2 Global Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas, that will be necessary for future growth created by the 2030 Growth Initiative.

  • Establish 200 new distribution points in geographic areas serving large populations of impoverished children and families.

Another objective of the Legacy Initiative is to provide infrastructure and organizational building to accomplish growth through increased technology and virtual training.