Because of his vision for a healthier and better world, Dr. Wentz is a devoted humanitarian and philanthropist. He is the inspiration for the USANA Foundation, a charity with a mission to help those suffering from hunger and malnutrition by providing them consistent nourishment and creating sustainable solutions for them to build their own food independence. He founded the Wentz Medical Center and Laboratory in Uganda and the Wentz Medical Center in Cambodia, which serve children orphaned by diseases such as malaria and HIV. With the generous donations of many USANA Associates, a facility bearing Dr. Wentz’ name was also established in Malawi. Working with the Children’s Hunger Fund, Dr. Wentz has continued to establish Medical Centers in other impoverished areas of the world. In addition to the Medical Centers, Dr. Wentz has helped fund the creation of several Mercy Centers and more are being established through his generous pledge for this purpose.

Dr. Wentz has also donated generously to his alma mater, North Central College.

Charitable Giving Announcements

Wentz Medical and Mercy Centers  

August 2023

Through Dr. Wentz’s Legacy Initiative with Children’s Hunger Fund the number of Wentz Mercy Centers and Medical Centers continues to expand:

  • Uganda: Wentz Medical Center in Gaba, 2005.
  • Cambodia: Wentz Medical Center in Phnom Penh, 2008.
  • Rwanda: Prenatal & Child Development Center in Kigali, 2018.
  • Romania: Wentz Mercy and Medical Clinic in Slatina, 2019.
  • Albania: Wentz Mercy Center and Medical Clinic in Pogradec, 2019.
  • Dominican Republic: Wentz Mercy and Medical Clinic in Villa Altagracia, 2019.
  • Haiti: Wentz Mercy Center in Port Au Prince, 2020.
  • Myanmar: Wentz Mercy Center in Yangon, 2021
  • Nepal: Wentz Medical Center and Mercy Center in Kathmandu Valley, under construction.
  • Philippines: Wentz Mercy Center in Bacolod City, 2021.
  • Uganda: Wentz Mercy Center in Southwest Kawempe, 2022.
  • Uganda: Wentz Mercy Center in Northeast Kawempe, 2022.
  • Peru: Wentz Medical Center and Mercy Center in Abancay, 2022.
  • Zambia: Wentz Mercy Center in Kabanana, 2022.
  • Philippines: Wentz Mercy Center in Cebu, under construction.
  • Albania: Wentz Medical Center and Medical Clinic in Korce, under construction.
  • .South Africa: Wentz Mercy Center in Polokwane, under construction.
  • Zimbabwe: Mercy Center in Nyanyira Village, under construction.
  • Kenya: Mercy Center in Nakuru, approved.
  • Thailand: Mercy Center in Chiang Mai, approved.
Additional independently-run Wentz Medical Centers sponsored by USANA Associates have been established in Malawi and Zimbabwe.

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The Wentz Living Center

August 2023

Dr. Wentz was pleased to participate in the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony of The Wentz Living Center this month in his hometown of Napoleon, North Dakota.

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Wentz Medical Center Expansion Uganda

February 2023

Dr. Wentz has provided major funding for a significant expansion of the Wentz Medical Center in Gaba, Uganda. The main purpose of the Medical Center is to improve the health and lives of orphaned and poverty-stricken children. The new 5-story building will have additional diagnostic labs, operating rooms, dental theatres, as well as inpatient wards for an additional 26 beds.  A power generator facility will be part of the many site improvements.

Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry

February 2023

Celebrating its 5th year, the campaign to ban the use of mercury amalgam for all children and women of child-bearing age in all of Africa has been a resounding success. Dr. Wentz is pleased to have helped Africa, the second-largest continent in size and population (over a billion people), lead the way for mercury-free dentistry.

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Dr. Wentz is a meaningful donor to organizations that are engaged in protecting the health of children:

Children's Health Defense

CHD’s mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful environmental exposures, hold those responsible for the exposure accountable, and establish safeguards to ensure the future good health of our children and planet.

Environmental Health Trust

EHT is dedicated to safeguarding human health and the environment by empowering people with accurate and timely information, education, and ongoing research regarding environmental health hazards.

Fluoride Action Network

FAN seeks to end fluoridation by informing citizens, scientists, and policymakers of the toxicity of fluoride.

Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

DAMS was founded for the purpose of educating the public on the dangers of amalgams, and other toxic chemicals and dental procedures.

Dr. Wentz Supports

National Vaccine Information Center

NVIC is dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and advocating for informed consent protections.